The next scheduled meeting of the Digitizers

will be on March 10th at 7 PM in GM011

Members will share their photos.

Room this semester - GM011

Hosain's Trilogy

brought together by Mark Anzicek

Volume 1: Mission
- Hosain's quest for learning photography from Ansel Adams

Volume 2: Message
- Hosain shares with us his Pictures, Poems, People and of course Judy, not to mention generous portions of BBQ

Volume 3: Meaning
- We celebrate Hosain's life and its meaning to us. Later, from his burial site, he speaks from us.

"I had my share of life. Go get yours." - Hosain Mosavat

Instant Replay!!

Downloads for Dave Patria's Sept 26th presentation of
Photoshop Filters

Dave Patria's step by step notes (a WORD file).

Dave found this reference on Adobe describing Photoshop filters

You can download a pdf of this info here
(Acrobat pdf file)

Post Processing images
if you missed the meeting on July 26th, use the link above to see the before and after images members shared.

Mark Anzicek thoughtfully made videos of the following presentations. You may either download the videos and enjoy them at your leisure, or you may stream them and watch them online. Due to server space contraints, these videos will only be available for a couple of months.

Affinity Software presentation
Sandy Labana

What's new at PhotoPlus 2015
Terry Abrams
PhotoPlus 2015 Show

What's new with Lightroom 6/CC
Fritz Schafer
What’s new in Lightroom 6/CC

Using Lightroom Mobile
Michael Smith
Working with Lightroom Mobile

Improving photographs with Lightroom
Rosie Lemons
Highlights of recent Kelby Seminar

2 WCC student presentations given  on April 14, 2015 at Digitizers meeting

Crisandra Welch

Brad Roberts

1/27/2015 -
Travel Photography Part 2 with Dietmar Haenchen & Terry Abrams

2/10/2015 -
Sabbatical Projects - Route 66 & Uses for Pinterest by Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker's Pinterest Photography Boards - presented February 2015 by Jennifer Baker

Winter Schedule

Terry Abrams will do a couple of software demos on Luminar and Aurora sometime this semester

Possible future meeting topics:

1. "Introductions" - Members introduce themselves to the group by showing 5 slides of their work.

2. "Favorites" - Bring the favorite photo you've made and tell the group about it.

3. "Found Object" - Show us a compelling photograph you’ve found online and tell us why you like it. Maybe even how it was created.

4.."Camera Kit" - Everyone brings in their camera kit for show and tell. (Variations include favorite lens, tripod, etc.)

5. "Flash Practice" - People use on-camera flash and photograph each other with direct, bounce, diffused and ambient light. Vary the flash compensation to get a more natural look.

6. a photo editing session - members bring one (or more) image and demonstrate their editing technique(s)


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